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Kulturalink and Kino in der Reitschule are planning a series of events in September 2020 in Bern. The month of September will be dedicated to movies produced in Kosovo and the Diaspora, tackling different aspects of kosovar (and european) society, such as migration, gender roles, etc.

Society is reflected in movies and in turn, movies influence society by changes in representations and transforming viewers’ opinions. The films have been selected for their potential to reflect the struggles and desires of a young nation located on the geographical and political margins of Europe.

From concerts to theatres to dance studios to public libraries, Kulturalink brings people together. 

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Our role is to create connection and exchange programs for artists and youngsters in general, who use artistic skills, such as: photography, video, theater, fine art and music, as a tool for promotion and understanding of Social Culture and enhancement of critical thinking.