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Artistic excelence

Cinema is an art form with endless possibilities. Our curatorial choices are based on a deep respect for, and profound belief in, the medium, its creators, and its viewers. Nothing inspires us more than creating a space where audiences can experience, enjoy, and discuss in the most engaging presentations possible.


KINO KOSOVA - 2nd edition in Bern

Kino Kosova goes for the second round this year in Bern and for the first time in Zürich and Geneva and creates space for current movies from Kosovo and the diaspora. Chosen short, documentary and feature movies show diverse perspectives from the young country and reflect the special connection between Switzerland and Kosovo.


Film festival with chosen short, documentary and feature films from and around Kosovo. Apart from the movies, there are several possibilities to meet and connect between artists and audience - in Q&A`s, workshops and concerts.

Photo exhibition by Milica Milovic Kinolli.

Poetry, dance, music and photography are combined to reflect on divided and connected communities in the Balkans

Performing arts

The core components of what makes us human is the desire to express our culture, emotions, and beliefs. That desire for expression teaches us a lot about ourselves. We can use the performing arts to understand how society works, and educate ourselves about the world we live in. 

Cultural Meetup

Art brings people together and gives people a chance to be part of a community. It provides a social connection with others. It influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time.


KULTURALINK – Bern based association that works mainly with art and culture.
From concerts to theatres to dance studios to public libraries, Kulturalink brings people together. 
Its main mission is to create cultural bridge between Kosovo and Switzerland and exchange programs for artists and youngsters in general, who use artistic skills, such as: photography, video, theater, fine art and music, as a tool for promotion and understanding of Social Culture and enhancement of critical thinking.



​Find us: 

Atelier 260.1

Waisenhauspl. 30, 3011 Bern


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