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Kulturalink is an organization that works mainly with culture and art. It creates opportunities for leisure, entertainment, learning, and sharing experiences with others. 

From concerts to theatres to dance studios to public libraries, Kulturalink brings people together. 

Our role is to create connection and exchange programs for artists and youngsters in general, who use artistic skills, such as: photography, video, theater, fine art and music, as a tool for promotion and understanding of Social Culture and enhancement of critical thinking.

We tend to have more artistic approach where the goal is to raise certain issues without having an opinion. While there seems to be great potential for self-expression and discovery in every person rarely does mainstream culture or the educational system invite us to think deeply about what it means to be in the body, to create things around us, to live in time in space, to grow old, to have children, friends, or to love. Art allows for this kind of self-reflection.

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