ME DASHT' ME DASHT' ME DASHT' (2017) - Documentary, 90min.

Three young people—an artist couple on the verge of a breakup and the filmmaker's apathetic brother—visit three cities over three months as part of an ambitious and transformative art project that creates musical and performance pieces inspired by the question, What do you believe in?
Travelling from Pristina to Belgrade to Zurich, each one tries to answer this central question in their work and their lives, only to have more questions spring up: Can a person change? How do you create your own inner universe? What is your purpose?
There's power and pleasure in participation, whether as an artist, spectator or person simply questioning the world. To Want, To Need, To Love provides a close encounter with creativity and shows how love is the energy behind all forms of art, creation and

The filmmaker follows three participants in an ambitious performance art project - including his own apathetic brother and a couple on the verge of a breakup - as they travel from Pristina to Belgrade to Zurich, inspired by the question: What do you believe in?

Languages: Albanian, Swiss German, English

Subtitles: English


Camera & Director:       Production:           Editing:               Music: 

Ilir Hasanaj                      Rina Kika                Isabella Kohl       Arbër Salihu



                               III) BONU BURRË (BE A MAN)