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SANS LE KOSOVO (2017) - Documentary, 25min.

In 1968 Asllan Gjinovci was a physics student at the University of Prishtina. After participating in student protests calling for Kosovo's autonomy in Yugoslavia, he is forced to flee the country. He embarks on a three-year odyssey, hides in Croatia for a few months, and spends two and a half years in refugee camps in Italy before finally settling in Switzerland.His journey away from home keeps him relentlessly away from his family and home for more than thirty years. For his daughter, Kosovo is an unknown part of her identity, which is mainly shaped by the news footage of the Kosovo war in the 1990s. So she decides to take her father on a trip to trace his exile from the last refugee camp in Italy he was in to his place of birth in Kosovo. She tries to investigate the effects of this exile on being and at the same time on her life.


In the presence of Dea Gjinovci

Languages: French, Albanian

Subtitles: English


Director:             Second Camera:           Composer:         Sound Designer: 

Dea Gjinovci        Benjamin Chevallier       Pierre Dao           Ben Golotta


                               III) BONU BURRË (BE A MAN)

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