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ZANA (2019) - 97min

Zana is the story of Lume, an Albanian woman who lives with her husband, Ilir, and her mother-in-law, Remzije, in a Kosovar village. She lost her only child a decade earlier in the war and is now haunted by night terrors and unable to get pregnant. Desperate for a child, the family abandons modern medicine and seeks a traditional healer who can cure her.  Lume undergoes elaborate rituals and exorcisms to rid her of the black magic that is causing her infertility. But when she finally becomes pregnant, her dark wartime past comes back to torment her and her unborn child.          

Languages: Albanian

Subtitles: English


Director:        Antoneta Kastrati

Screenplay:   Antoneta Kastrati

                       & Casey Cooper Johnson  

Producer:      Casey Cooper Johnson  

Co-Producer: Dritan Huqi, Sevdije Kastrati



                               III) BONU BURRË (BE A MAN)

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