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ZVICRA (2018) - Documentary, 66min.

 With its massive immigrant population, Switzerland has always been a place of a double search: first, how is the country’s DNA evolving as it constantly redefines itself? Second, how do these foreigners articulate their search for identity in the midst of uncertainty and constant need to define the “self” in tangible terms? “Zvicra” (which means "Switzerland" in Albanian) highlights the complexity of lost and rediscovered identities in Switzerland, a country that is destined to adapt to ever-increasing population arrivals. The film tackles the question through 7 Albanian characters whose  community is one of the most important of the country.

Languages: French, Albanian

Subtitles: English


Directed by:     Fisnik Maxhuni
                          Benoît Goncerut


Written by:       Fisnik Maxhuni
                          Benoît Goncerut


Production:      Visceral Films (Lausanne)
                          with the support of the Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)  

Editing:            Jules Guarneri



                               III) BONU BURRË (BE A MAN)

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